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A woman holding a glass of drinking water containing no PFAS.

PFAS: What They Are & How to Remove Them

Humans manufacture massive amounts of products that are quickly utilized and disposed of in local landfills. Many of these products contain various chemicals to make them more useful and provide them with a range of

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How Hemp Plastic is Made [Beginner’s Guide]

Some environmental experts believe that the plastic pollution slowly destroying the planet is more destructive than the fallout effects of nuclear bombs detonating simultaneously across the world. The problem is that the effect of plastic

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What Is Carbon Offsetting? What to Know for 2022

Carbon offsetting is a massive industry, and it seems straightforward—when you participate in an activity that generates carbon emissions, you pay to remove the equivalent emissions elsewhere, balancing out your impact. But under the surface,

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Plastic Straw: 1 Use That Lasts a Lifetime

Suppose you’ve been paying close attention to efforts regarding environmental conservation over the past several years. In that case, you may remember the movement surrounding the need to replace plastic drinking straws with sustainable, biodegradable

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10 Longest Lasting Items in Our Landfills

As time goes on, more and more landfills continue to be created worldwide as we endeavor to find new locations to store our trash and various discarded objects. While efforts are being made to promote

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What Is an ESG Score & How Is it Calculated?

As ESG—environmental, social, and governance—issues make their way towards the top of board’s and stakeholder’s priority lists, third-party organizations have begun developing ways to measure companies’ efforts. Is a company not meeting environmental impact compliance

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Multiple uncovered plastic bottles

Consumers Want Sustainable Products

Sustainability is a term that has gained a lot more attention over the past few years. With the seriousness of climate change, people are becoming more aware of their carbon footprint and its impact on

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Reduce reuse and replace

Reduce, Reuse, Replace

Reduce, reuse, recycle. We’ve all seen the tag line somewhere. It’s the rallying cry of many people in the sustainability movement. But is it accurate? No one can argue that reducing and reusing are the

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PlantSwitch Solution to eco friendly

PlantSwitch Solution

In my previous blogs I have written about the truth of what happens with industrial composting and recycling, and why I don’t believe they are the answer to solving the plastic waste crisis. But if

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A blue recyclable bag sitting on a cloth with colorful leaves

What is PLA?

Chances are that at some point you’ve come across a straw, cup, or other food packaging product that was labeled 100% compostable. You likely saw the claim, thought it was great, it was an eco-friendly

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Decomposing fruit on the ground

The Benefits of Composting at Home

Compost is simply the term for what organic material becomes after it decomposes. This organic material is perfect for adding to gardens or farms to help plants grow as it mirrors a natural process. There

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