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PlantSwitch Exists To Make The World A Cleaner Place By Providing Sustainable Products That People Love.

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Agave Straws in Water

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We aim to create a world where:

Products used for seconds don’t last for centuries, sustainability is synonymous with quality, and making a difference is as easy as making the switch.

Landfill Biodegradable

Unique, high-quality product that does not get soggy or lose its form

Priced Competitively
Doesn’t require special disposal

*Test results (ASTM D5511) show over 90% biodegradation in the first 100 days in both aerobic and anaerobic conditions.

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Source: imfa.org, Marine Pollution Bulletin
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$33,000 – the amount of economic damages caused by one ton of plastic waste.

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12 million tons of plastic waste are deposited in our oceans each year.

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74% of consumers state they would pay more for sustainable packaging.

Resources & Education

Check our our Blog for conservation information and statistics.

PlantSwitch agave compostable straws

Compostable Straws: An Eco-Friendly Buyer’s Guide

Plastic straws are becoming unfashionable in the United States and around the world. Pollution from plastic is becoming a massive problem as they choke our landfills and fill the ocean with tons of garbage every day. Sadly, there will be more plastic

Decomposing fruit on the ground

The Benefits of Composting at Home

Compost is simply the term for what organic material becomes after it decomposes. This organic material is perfect for adding to gardens or farms to help plants grow as it mirrors a natural process. There are many reasons that people start composting,

A blue recyclable bag sitting on a cloth with colorful leaves

What is PLA?

Chances are that at some point you’ve come across a straw, cup, or other food packaging product that was labeled 100% compostable. You likely saw the claim, thought it was great, it was an eco-friendly product, and went about your day.  Like

PlantSwitch Solution to eco friendly

PlantSwitch Solution

In my previous blogs I have written about the truth of what happens with industrial composting and recycling, and why I don’t believe they are the answer to solving the plastic waste crisis. But if neither of these commonly accepted practices are

Reduce reuse and replace

Reduce, Reuse, Replace

Reduce, reuse, recycle. We’ve all seen the tag line somewhere. It’s the rallying cry of many people in the sustainability movement. But is it accurate? No one can argue that reducing and reusing are the best solutions, but what about recycling? Unfortunately,

Multiple uncovered plastic bottles

Consumers Want Sustainable Products

Sustainability is a term that has gained a lot more attention over the past few years. With the seriousness of climate change, people are becoming more aware of their carbon footprint and its impact on the Earth. As a result, it’s slowly

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