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Plants Are The New Plastic

We turn plants into plastic that is compostable, high-performance, and affordable.

There’s no excuse to use the plastic of the past anymore.

Make the PlantSwitch
about us

PlantSwitch’s mission is to replace all petroleum-based single-use plastic with plants. Our proprietary technology upcycles agricultural residues into a plant-based resin that can be used to make nearly all types of plastic products. A low-cost, zero-waste, drop-in replacement to plastic is finally here.

plantswitch fork
Pile of dirtImage of plantswitch fork
after 8 hours of composting
Competitor’s Plant-Based Fork
Image of competitor forkImage of fork decomposing
after 8 hours of composting

We make switching from plastic to plants an obvious decision

Truly Sustainable

Our home compostable resin will fully break down in backyard compost in less than 12 months, leaving zero microplastics behind

Giving waste a second life - the agricultural residues we upcycle are byproducts of food production, we add value to them while solving a waste problem for agricultural producers

High Performance

Our resins feel and function like plastic, without the guilt

Works with existing plastic machinery

Our resins are “drop-in” replacements, plastics manufacturers can use their existing machines and processes with negligible switching costs


By upcycling agricultural waste streams, our raw material costs are minimal, enabling us to be the lowest cost plastic alternative on the market



Farm production




Finished product





Farm production




Finished product



How it works

Our truly circular process starts at the farm and ends back at the farm. We turn agricultural residues into compostable plastic pellets, our manufacturing partners use those pellets to make compostable products, then that product is used and disposed into compost that goes back to the farmer.


Agricultural Residues

We use leftovers of major food production, such as rice hulls, wheat straw, and more. These leftovers currently have little to no value, so our process gives them a very important second life.


Biopolymer Production

Our proprietary technology converts these feedstocks into a biopolymer resin. Our resin can be used to make the majority of plastic products.


Finished Products

Our resin is a drop-in solution with existing plastic machinery, allowing plastic manufacturers to seamlessly switch to our plant-based material.



Once the product has been used, it can be disposed of in your backyard or home compost, where it will break down in just a few months. That compost can then be used to grow more of these wonderful materials.

Quality and Assurance Highlight

Home and industrial compostable*

*pending official BPI and TUV certification, initial results indicate passing of ASTM 6400 and EN 13432

High performance

Tensile, flexural, and impact strength on par with traditional plastic

Low cost

We’ll beat any home compostable resin on the market. Inquire here for pricing.


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Industries Served

Food packaging
Straws, forks, knives, spoons, cups
Plantswitch fork
Makeup containers, lipstick tubes, closures, and more
Open bowl
Consumer packaged goods
Bottles, bottle caps, toothbrushes, coffee pods, and more
Plantswitch fork
Open bowl

Our Team

Dillon Baxter

Founder and CEO

A self-taught golfer turned nationally-ranked player, Dillon Baxter is a testament to determination. Earning a golf scholarship at top-ranked Southern Methodist University, his academic prowess was equally notable. As a high school National Merit Finalist who won multiple engineering competitions, he continued to excel in college, majoring in Finance with a specialization in Alternative Asset Management. Recognized among the Top 100 Best and Brightest Business Majors of 2020, Dillon also gained invaluable experience in investment banking and private equity. It was this diverse background, combined with his entrepreneurial spirit, that led to the birth of PlantSwitch. Today, as its founder and CEO, he drives the company's vision for sustainable biopolymer innovations.

Maxime Blandin

Founder and Head of Business Development

Maxime Blandin's journey is as diverse as his talents. Fueled by dreams of professional golf, he moved to the US from Martinique when he was 13 and soon earned a scholarship at Southern Methodist University, where he honed both his golfing skills and his academic prowess with a major in Economics. Post-college, Maxime took his talents to the European Tour, playing professional golf and building a global network. But it was his reunion with former teammate, Dillon, that marked the inception of PlantSwitch. Leveraging his extensive experience in distribution, Maxime plays an integral role in the company. His knack for sourcing strategic partners, securing investors, and connecting with customers ensures that PlantSwitch is not just innovative but also market-forward.

Robert Jerman

Head of Technology

In the compounding industry, Rob Jerman's name resonates with expertise and innovation. With a career spanning over 40 years, he's established himself as a leading industry expert, especially during his tenure at Rohm and Haas, where his focus on compounding and twin screw extrusion set new standards. After the company's merge with Dow, Rob transitioned to Markel Corporation, leading their compounding operations to new heights. Boasting dozens of patents to his name, Rob’s blend of profound technical knowledge and sharp business insight makes him invaluable. At PlantSwitch, he's the driving force behind our advanced technology, ensuring we're at the industry's cutting edge.

Len Poole, PhD.

Head of Sales

Len Poole's multifaceted experience across sales, marketing, engineering, and technical support positions him as a pivotal asset to the PlantSwitch team. Formerly the Global Sales Leader of Biopolymers at Celanese, Len brings a wealth of knowledge in biopolymer technology, backed by an educational foundation in plastic engineering and an MBA. His decades-long industry journey has honed his ability to drive sales and foster customer relationships, qualities that are invaluable as he leads PlantSwitch's sales initiatives and customer engagement strategies.

Michael O’Keefe

COO/CFO and President

Michael O'Keefe has a highly decorated track record. At SMU, he tackled the demanding challenge of triple majoring in math, engineering, and finance, and distinguished himself by graduating as valedictorian. Upon graduation, he immediately stepped into the position of vice president at a multi-billion dollar global investment firm. Michael's career later took a turn into the hedge fund space, where he was instrumental in developing investment strategies centered around carbon and agriculture. Now at PlantSwitch, Michael channels his deep expertise into steering both operational and financial aspects of the company.

Jason Menendez

Plant Manager

Jason Menendez comes to PlantSwitch with decades of expertise in scaling compounding operations. He served as operations manager at Borealis and plant manager at Riverdale Global, and also contributed as a product development engineer at Washington Penn Plastic. Notably, Jason has commissioned and grown multiple compounding plants from their inception, achieving revenues into the 8 figures. At PlantSwitch, he is responsible for directing all manufacturing operations.

Christopher Erdman

Process Engineer

Chris Erdman is a dedicated chemical engineer with a specialized focus on twin screw extrusion. His experiences as a process engineer at both Coperion and Azek saw him working extensively on diverse materials and equipment, honing his skills in process development and optimization. At PlantSwitch, Chris is entrusted with refining and advancing the compounding operations, ensuring they operate at peak efficiency and effectiveness.

Advisory Board


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