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The next generation of sustainable, biodegradable straws and utensils.
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The PlantSwitch Solution

The next generation of sustainable, biodegradable plastics

PlantSwitch provides a viable alternative to single-use plastics such as straws and utensils that consumers desire. Our products are plant-based and biodegradable, function like regular plastic, and do not require special disposal.

Biodegradable, FDA Approved

Unique, high-quality product that does not get soggy or lose its form

Priced Competitively

Certified by stringent international biodegradability standards

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Brands leading the way in moving the world away from single-use plastics

Source: Forbes.com

Quick Facts


500 million straws are used by Americans every single day


12 million tons of plastic waste are deposited in our oceans each year


88 percent will be more loyal to a company that supports social or environmental issues


Biodegradable Solutions are the answers to industries, cities and consumers turning against single-use plastics.

We started this company because we want to help the planet by playing our part in creating a world free of single-use plastics. Think about it: oceans free of plastic, landfills free of plastic, roadsides free of plastic... Our environment, our planet, free of the pollution of single-use plastics. Numerous studies have found that consumers around the world want both greater transparency and more sustainable options from brands. PlantSwitch is here to help companies meet consumer demand for sustainable, biodegradable alternatives to single-use plastic items.

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