10 Best Organic & Zero Waste Skincare Brands to Model

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The world is constantly changing, and not always for the better. Climate change and global warming have destroyed rainforests and decimated habitats worldwide. Everyone is responsible for doing what they can to mitigate the damage that’s been done and is still being done to our environment.

That’s why organic and zero-waste skincare brands are becoming more popular than they ever have before! Products made from organic materials that drastically reduce or eliminate waste are having a significant impact on the way people care for their skin.

It’s time to fight for your skin’s and our planet’s health by choosing more environmentally conscious products. We’ve compiled a list of the 10 best organic & zero waste skincare brands you should model. Once your family and friends see how effective and eco-friendly these products are, they’ll never return to their old ones!

Let’s get right into the 10 Best Organic & Zero Waste Skincare Brands to Model without further ado!

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1. Dew Mighty

If you want to get in on the front line of revolutionary skin care products, then this woman-owned company is the perfect place to start! Instead of dealing with multiple skin care products that come in plastic or other wasteful containers, Dew Mighty has created a skincare serum in bar form!

This bar is perfect for smoothing lines and wrinkles, eliminating red spots, soothing irritation, and more! It’ll leave your skin looking dewy, healthy, evened, and toned.

2. Blue Heron Botanicals

As another woman-owned company, Blue Heron Botanicals understands the importance of maintaining excellent skin care without compromising your morals. This company operates in Northern California, where they produce high-quality products with local, organic, and sustainably sourced botanicals.

Their zero-waste packaging is made from 100% post-consumer recycled paper and is entirely backyard compostable. The best part about this company is their devotion to saving a baby sea turtle for every single product purchased!

3. Activist

All Activist’s products are 100% vegan and are dedicated to providing zero-waste packaging. Their products come in beautiful amber glass bottles or refillable pouches, which are all recyclable through TerraCycle.

Activist gets their ingredients from sustainably-minded suppliers and has a wide range of skincare products available. You can also purchase a travel kit containing most of their products, so if you’re unsure about this brand, their travel kit is the perfect option for a test run!

4. Herbivore

A husband and wife duo started this company in Seattle, WA. Herbivore is a fantastic zero-waste, organic, and vegan skincare line. All their ingredients are 100% natural, and you won’t find a single filler in any of their products.

Herbivore only uses glass bottles for their packaging, which is perfect for people looking to eliminate waste from their skincare routine. Glass bottles are incredibly easy to reuse and recycle, so you’re never left with plastic packaging.

Looking for more ways to reduce your waste around the home? Check out PlantSwitch for more sustainable and zero waste products!

5. Blendily

Located in Portland, Oregon, Blendily is a woman-owned botanical wellness company. The majority of their ingredients are locally sourced and foraged botanicals. All of their products are organic, and most are vegan.

All their products come in thoughtful packaging that’s easy to reuse and recycle. If you’re lucky enough to visit their location in person, you’ll be able to meet with their dedicated estheticians who can help you come up with a unique skin care plan that’s perfect just for you.


6. Acala

As another woman-owned company, Acala knows exactly how to meet your skin care needs. Their products are all organic, zero waste, and many are vegan. Acala has products for your hair, face, body, and make-up routine. 

Their products are all packed in reusable containers, and this company is one of the few that can boast about being carbon positive. That means they reduce more carbon than they produce, and they do so by planting over 80 trees every month!

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7. Josie Maran

Most of Josie Maran’s products come packaged in glass bottles, perfect for reusing, upcycling, and recycling. This woman-owned company is devoted to sourcing their products from a UNESCO-protected region only.

UNESCO-protected regions work to prevent deforestation and over-harvesting, which helps maintain the sustainability of their products. This company is also partnered with TerraCycle, so you can safely and responsibly recycle their containers if needed.

8. Ethique

Ethique is another brand focusing on zero waste, organic ingredients, and vegan products. They have hair care, skin care, body care, and a wide range of other products.

Most of their products come in a bar form, so there’s no packaging to worry about wasting. They only use sustainably sourced ingredients and work to maintain an atmosphere of climate positivity.

9. Marla Rene

Marla Rene carries a wide variety of self-care products, and their skincare line is highly rated. Their products are non-toxic, pH balanced, organic, and zero waste. Most of their products come packaged in glass so you can reuse or recycle every container.

This Virginia-based, woman-owned company is dedicated to providing natural skin care products for all women, especially women of color.

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10. Juice Beauty

Juice Beauty is another skincare brand located in Northern California. This brand is dedicated to providing organic products that are locally sourced. They have a huge variety of skin care products aimed at meeting every woman’s individual needs.

This company has all organic ingredients, and their packaging is 100% recyclable. Their products are EWG certified to be safe for you and the environment!

Level Up Your Skin Care Routine With An Organic & Zero Waste Brand

You can protect the environment and your skin by switching to an organically sourced and zero-waste skincare brand! These brands have many products available, so there’s a product available to meet every person’s individual needs. 

Once you have your skincare routine down, look into other zero-waste products you can add to your life- like agave straws!

Are you excited about kick-starting your zero-waste journey? Check out PlantSwitch for tips, resources, and more!

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