Make the PlantSwitch on the Journey to Utopia

Our partner Utopia Plastix(™) was founded by Sharina Perry, who grew up in the south and saw firsthand what it meant to be an “African American Woman” before she knew what it meant to be a “Business Woman”. Now as the founder of Utopia Plastix, she is on a mission to make sure “minority business” is something to be infinitely proud of. She continues to be driven by personal accounts of minority farmers and business owners who have been impacted by land misuse and economic hardship. Sharina has a goal to help multi-generational minority and disadvantaged families and their communities.

The crops used to make Utopia Plastix are USDA approved, absorb carbon at 4-5 times the rate of trees, and actually replenish the earth with valuable nutrients. This breakthrough alternative is what the global market is looking for to leverage the practical benefits of plastic in responsible ways.

Utopia Plastix offers the most durable and affordable plant-based plastic available, supports farmers by providing them a new bumper crop, supports companies’ minority inclusion initiatives, and supports the public’s desire to simply do the right thing. Utopia Plastix invites you to join its mission of moving the world closer to Utopia by making the PlantSwitch.