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Hemp Plastic: 5 Advantages for Bio-Degradable Products

Someone once said how destructively remarkable it is that the human race creates extremely long-lasting products that not even Mother Nature can digest. The first plastic prototypes were created in the 1860s as a material that would revolutionize the everyday lives of human beings. At that time, billiard balls were made from the ivory tusks …

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How Hemp Plastic is Made [Beginner’s Guide]

Some environmental experts believe that the plastic pollution slowly destroying the planet is more destructive than the fallout effects of nuclear bombs detonating simultaneously across the world. The problem is that the effect of plastic pollution is happening slowly and out of sight. And even when the impact of plastic pollution is shown to people, …

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10 Best Ways to Boost Sustainability in Restaurants

Sustainability is an important goal that businesses across all industries should be diligently striving for to help protect the health of the environment. Restaurants, in particular, need to be doubling down on their efforts to utilize sustainable practices and products to combat issues related to climate change and decrease damage done to ecosystems from the …

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What Is Carbon Offsetting? What to Know for 2022

Carbon offsetting is a massive industry, and it seems straightforward—when you participate in an activity that generates carbon emissions, you pay to remove the equivalent emissions elsewhere, balancing out your impact. But under the surface, carbon offsetting is a little more complicated. When done responsibly, carbon offsetting is an effective part of a carbon reduction …

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Bioplastic vs. Plastic: Are Bioplastics Really Better?

The scariest thing about plastics is that if nothing is done to stop its slow suffocation and destruction of the planet’s ecology, plastic may become a permanent feature of our ocean’s ecosystems. So much plastic pollutes marine environments, and especially in the form of microparticles in our oceans that birds, fish, and other marine life …

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What Is an ESG Score & How Is it Calculated?

As ESG—environmental, social, and governance—issues make their way towards the top of board’s and stakeholder’s priority lists, third-party organizations have begun developing ways to measure companies’ efforts. Is a company not meeting environmental impact compliance obligations? Are equity and diversity putting a company’s reputation at risk? ESG ratings and reports answer questions like these. Those …

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Reduce, Reuse, Replace

Reduce reuse and replace

Reduce, reuse, recycle. We’ve all seen the tag line somewhere. It’s the rallying cry of many people in the sustainability movement. But is it accurate? No one can argue that reducing and reusing are the best solutions, but what about recycling? Unfortunately, recycling in America is completely broken and ineffective. In a recent Scientific American …

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PlantSwitch Solution

PlantSwitch Solution to eco friendly

In my previous blogs I have written about the truth of what happens with industrial composting and recycling, and why I don’t believe they are the answer to solving the plastic waste crisis. But if neither of these commonly accepted practices are the answer, what is? First, it’s important to clarify something. Industrial composting and …

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What is PLA?

Chances are that at some point you’ve come across a straw, cup, or other food packaging product that was labeled “100% compostable”. You likely saw the claim, thought it was great that it was an eco-friendly product, and went about your day. Like most people, you probably didn’t read the fine print, look for any …

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