Agave Straws in Water

Agave Straws

Our breakthrough technology is designed to be the single-use solution to feel like plastic but degrade like plants. Our biodegradable straws are proven to break down over 90% in the first 100 days in simulated landfill conditions*. Make your switch.

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Change the way you think about sustainable straws.

PlantSwitch straws are made with the discarded agave fibers from tequila production, giving agroindustrial waste a second life. Unlike paper, our straws will never get soggy or disintegrate in your drink. Our products degrade over 90% in the first 100 days in simulated landfill conditions.

Products used for seconds shouldn’t last for centuries

Unlike other “eco products”, our straws stay fresh in your drink when you need them, and biodegrade when you don’t. The compact nature of landfills see little to no oxygen, making it nearly impossible for products like paper to breakdown. All PlantSwitch products are uniquely tailored to degrade without oxygen, making them an ideal match for any environment.

Agave Straws in Water

Replaced Materials

Made from the discarded agave plant from tequila production to give agro-industrial waste a second life.

Be Part of the Change

Our clients saved over 5 tons of plastic in 2020. That is 10,726 pounds of plastic and nearly $170,000 in economic damages.

Enjoy Being Sustainable

Our unique, high quality straws will never get soggy or dissolve in a drink. They naturally breakdown in landfills – nothing special required. Cheers to that!

Frequently Asked Questions.

Our straws are made from agave fibers, a degradation additive, and agave-based resin.

Our straws will never get soggy in your drink and don’t change the taste.

PLA straws are only compostable in commercial facilities, they are not designed to degrade in landfills. They also can’t be used in hot beverages like our straws.
Plantswitch agave straws can be used in all liquids, whether hot, cold, or sparkling.
While our straws our designed to be a single-use solution, they can be used as many times as you would like.
Our straws are designed for landfills so you can throw them in the regular trash.

Our straws have been tested to degrade over 90% in the first 100 days using the ASTM D 5511 method, which simulates landfill conditions.

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