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Our high-quality, single-use plastic cutlery alternatives come in pre-packaged takeout sleeves or bulk presentations. All of our cutlery products are suitable for hot or cold use and meet ASTM standards for degrading over 90% in the first 100 days in simulated landfill conditions. Provide your customers with products that feel like plastic, but degrade like plants.

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Who would have thought tequila would play a role in reducing plastic waste? We take the upcycled agave waste from tequila production to make these plant-based forks, knives, and spoons that function like regular plastic while still being sustainable. Having been tested by the ASTM D 5511 method which simulates biologically active landfills, these products will degrade over 90% in the first 100 days, and fully in 1-5 years in both aerobic and anaerobic environments.


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Frequently Asked Questions.

Our cutlery is made from agave fibers, a degradation additive, and agave-based resin.

PLA cutlery is only compostable in commercial facilities, they are not designed to degrade in landfills. They also can’t be used in hot foods like our cutlery.

Plantswitch agave cutlery can be used in all temperatures, whether hot or cold.

While our cutlery is designed to be a single-use solution, they can be used as many times as you would like.

Our cutlery is designed to degrade in any environment, so you can throw them in the regular trash, though we encourage recycling. 

Our cutlery has been tested to degrade over 90% in the first 100 days using the ASTM D 5511 method, which simulates landfill conditions.

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